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New Research Story: Race and Place in Mexico

Until the early 18th century, Mexico and Peru had the highest number of African and African descent people in the Americas. Today, the coastal belt of Mexico’s southern Pacific Coast  – the “Costa Chica” or “the small coast” — contains many historically black communities. Residents descend in part from slaves and free persons Spaniards brought to the area in the late 16th century to work in what would become one of the most important cattle regions in Mexico. Continue reading →

Día de los Muertos – the Mexican Day of the Dead

There has been an altar celebrating the Day of the Dead at the Avenue Campus at the University of Southampton each year for a number of years. This year is no exception. In Mexico, the festivities which, despite the name, celebrate life, start on 28 October and end with a national holiday on 2 November (see Guardian article for some of the background to this tradition). Continue reading →

‘Juana in a Million’ in The Nuffield Theatre Studio for Mexico Week

Part of Mexico Week at the University of Southampton, ‘Juana in a Million’ is the story of a young Mexican woman who arrives in London, armed with a suitcase of clothes and dreaming of love, success and happiness. The show, which takes place at The Nuffield Theatre Studio from Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st October at 19:30, features award-winning Mexican actress Vicky Araico Casas, and offers a glimpse into what it can mean to be an immigrant in the UK today. Continue reading →

Mexico Week at the University of Southampton!

28th October to 3rd November 2012 is Mexico Week at the University of Southampton. Focusing on the University’s research on Mexico, its exchange programmes with Mexico (MeXsu), and its strong teaching curricula on Mexico, the aim of Mexico Week is to share our enthusiasm for Mexico with colleagues, friends and the wider community from across the city while highlighting the global backdrop of the University. A packed programme with lots of interesting and free events. Continue reading →