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New research repository: LANGSNAP

A new research repository is now available on the research materials page. The 2011-2013 LANGSNAP project tracked the language learning and social integration of 57 students during their Year Abroad in France, Spain and Mexico. With support from Adam Field of iSolutions, and using ePrints technology, we have now created a repository which makes selected LANGSNAP data available to researchers worldwide. The repository can be viewed at: . Continue reading →

LLAS publishes free, open access ebook to celebrate 10th elearning symposium

LLAS (Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies) in Modern Languages at Southampton has recently published a free, open access ebook: “10 Years of the LLAS elearning symposium: case studies in good practice”. This edited collection celebrates the 10th anniversary of the elearning symposium and features contributions from practitioners across the UK and the world. Continue reading →

Next CLLEAR seminar: “The effect of computational complexity on L1 transfer: evidence from L2 Chinese attitude-bearing wh-questions”

The next Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR) seminar will take place on Tuesday 12 May 2015 from 5:00-7:00pm in Building 46, Lecture Theatre B, Room 2003, Highfield Campus. The talk is entitled “The effect of computational complexity on L1 transfer: evidence from L2 Chinese attitude-bearing wh-questions” and will be delivered by Dr. Boping Yuan (Cambridge University). Continue reading →

New report presents language learning issues facing the UK

The Guardian has published an article discussing the ‘seven big language learning issues facing the UK’, highlighted in the recent ‘Living Languages’ report. The report presents some of the key areas of debate that have resulted from the two-year ‘Case for Language Learning’ project, undertaken by the Guardian and the British Academy, which aimed to explore the reasons for the UK’s shortage of foreign language skills. Continue reading →

‘Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching’ – MOOC starts next week

Modern Languages at Southampton will be relaunching the University of Southampton MOOC, ‘Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching’ on Monday 20 April, following its successful first run in November 2014. This four-week course will introduce participants to the field of second language learning, consider language classrooms and the role of teaching in language learning, and explore the uses of technology in teaching. Continue reading →

New MOOC on ‘Dyslexia and language teaching’ to be launched

Lancaster University is launching a new four-week MOOC on ‘Dyslexia and language teaching’, which will run from 20 April – 17 May 2015. Aimed at English language teachers, teachers of modern languages, teacher trainers, educators and trainee teachers, the course will enable its participants to reflect on how they can cater for the needs of students with dyslexia in the foreign/second language classroom. Continue reading →

Critical skills and strategies for language learning additional workshop

The Language and Academic Advisory Team in Modern Languages at Southampton will be running a repeat session of the workshop, ‘Critical Skills and Strategies for ‘Good’ Language Learning’, following a very positive response from this week’s attendees. The workshop will take place on Wednesday 11 March at 13:00-13:45 in Room 2117, Building 65. Continue reading →