Carbon Capture and Storage: Geological storage of CO2 within the oceanic crust by gravitational trapping

Chiara Marieni (a second year PhD student undertaking research on “Seafloor mineral carbonation as a guide to improved geological CO2 storage” with Damon Teagle [Geochemistry] and Tim Henstock [G&G]) has recently had an elegant and innovative paper published in Geophysical Research Letters on Carbon Capture and Storage that identifies the regions of the ocean floor where many centuries of anthropogenic CO2 could be stored by gravitational trapping with a protective layer of sediment.

Chiara has also just been accepted for the International Summer School 2014 organized by the IEA Greenhouse and Gas R & D Programme (IEAGHG) and the University of Texas at Austin (USA).

During this week long Summer School (6th – 12th July 2014), the 60 selected students will participate with presentations and discussion led by international experts in the field of CCS.  The programme covers the full breadth of CCS research; providing up-to-date information in each field; including technical information on capture technologies, storage site selection, capacity and modelling, wellbore integrity and transport; as well as other issues such as regulations, health and safety, and public communication. This annual Summer School is highly recommended for anyone working on or interested in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) strategies!