Seminar: The environments of deposition of the Lambeth Group and their effects on engineering properties

On Wednesday 19th February The Solent Group of the Geological Society  will be holding an evening lecture with Dr Jackie Skipper from the Geotechnical Consulting Group. This will be held at the NOC (Seminar Room), Southampton (6pm for refreshments with lecture from 6.30 – 7.30pm).

This lecture is a brief ‘walk through’ the highly variable lithologies of the Lambeth Group (formerly the Woolwich and Reading Beds). A depositional model will be described which explains and predicts the variation. The Lambeth Group is important in local engineering geology so this lecture is a must if you aspire to a career in geotechnical engineering or perhaps own a house built on it.

As usual refreshments (snacks and drinks) will be provided prior to the lecture