G&G Staff awarded Royal Astronomical Society Bullerwell Award for Second Year in a Row

The Royal Astronomical Society has recently announced that Dr. Kate Rychert will be the 2014 recipient of the Bullerwell award, which is given annually to “An outstanding young British Geophysicist”. As part of this award Kate will be giving an honorary lecture at EGU and the BGA research in progress meeting, both in 2014. This is the second year running a Southampton Staff member has won this award as Derek Keir was the recepient in 2013 (Blog posting 06/11/2013).

Kate was recognised for both her work on defining the nature of the lithosphere-asthenosphere plate boundary at the global scale (e.g. Rychert & Shearer, 2009 – Science) and more regional scale problems such as her recent work (along with colleagues from SCRIPPS and  Nick Harmon also in OES) on the Hawaiian plume (Rychert et al., 2013 – Nature Geoscience) and which was recently recognised in a News Feature in Nature (Nature News Feature 09/12/13).

Congratulations to Kate