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Fostering a Supportive Feedback Culture

1-to-1/ detailed feedback

Feedback from PhD supervisors

Posted on February 10, 2015 by in 1-to-1/ detailed feedback

What is it? Postgraduate students are expected to take a high level of responsibility for their own progress. Research students are allocated a research supervisor (usually more than one) and will be expected to attend regular supervision meetings where they will receive feedback from their supervisor. Supervisors should give students regular, prompt and constructive feedback […]

Consistency of feedback across lecturers

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What is it? Most students appreciate it when their lecturers annotate their written assignments and exams so that they can pinpoint exactly where their strengths and weaknesses lie and contextualise generic feedback. Moreover, lecturers should aim to be consistent in their feedback and give individual students the same level of feedback regardless of their level […]

Written feedback on formal assignments

Posted on November 25, 2014 by in 1-to-1/ detailed feedback, Written feedback

What is it? Although students receive feedback all the time, they often recognise written feedback on formal assignments as the only form of feedback they get and therefore put more emphasis on it. With large cohorts, students may only get a mark on their assignment and receive general feedback given to the whole class. However, […]