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Approach towards Single/Multiple Identity (Reflections)

Over the past two days, I have looked at and commented on a few blog posts. These interactions have triggered me to further my thinking through additional research. Click to view slideshow. Social Currency and Our Digital Identity From Helena, I learned that encapsulating personal data is the new form of currency in the digital age. This is very true and bring forth the principle that we can attribute certain values to our digital identity. Continue reading →

How my views of having a single identity has changed

(Self-Produced via Piktochart, 2017) In my previous post, I mentioned that I was more inclined in having a single identity due to its convenience. However, through the interactions and lessons learnt, I am convinced about the advantages of having multiple identities as each “identity” serves a different purpose. This allows me to project an appropriate image with various social and professional groups. Continue reading →

Thoughts about online identities

After reading and commenting on my classmates’ post, i came to realised that i am lacking in-depth information about information relating to different identities. Source: Original content Problem of free speech For instance in Singapore, there was a news about a NTUC assistant director being fired because of her racism Facebook post. She claimed that her Facebook was her personal space and where she could share her opinions but that escalated faster then she thought. Continue reading →

Topic 3: Reflection

Upon reading my classmates’ blogs, I realized that I have taken a different approach as compared to some of my classmates. While my post focuses on having multiple identities online, Shilin’s blog focuses on her single online identity. She mentioned the risk of identity theft, and the ways to protect your identity online, which can be put in simpler picture as shown below. self-produced based on Telegraph Upon further research, I found out that identity theft is a serious issue. Continue reading →

Different People. Different Approaches. Different Perspectives.

Some prefer a single online identity for consistency purposes. Some have multiple online identities for various reasons, such as drawing a distinct line between personal and professional network, tailoring posts according to those networks, etc. Some could even have integration of networks after a period of time, where colleagues become personal friends. Source: Self-Produced via Visme Jian Wen‘s post helps to back up what I thought of having multiple online identities. Continue reading →

Identity Cry-sis

From the Justine Sacco episode, it dawned on me that the receivers’ interpretation of the message plays a critical role, since human interaction constitute a huge part of the Web (Communication Processes, 2017). It also got me thinking that one does not have to hold an online profile to garner a reputation for him/herself (Jon Ronson, 2015). Continue reading →