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Topic 1

Internet Of Thoughts

From the exchange of views and comments with several friends, i broaden my perspective of digital differences and the connecting implications it possess. Digital differences arise from many factors, most linked to one another. Each factors on how they come about are interesting read on their own. I also looked deeper into the repercussions of digital differences and what are possible solutions and actions to counter the negative outcomes. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reliability and Authenticity of Online Information

When interacting with online media, we should take into consideration the authenticity and reliability of the news, information and data that we find. After reading on how “Fake News” can result in damages, I recalled an example of a piece of fake news which has misled me. On Nov 2016, an article from Singapore reported that the Punggol Waterway Terraces Roof collapsed. However, it was quickly identified as a “Hoax”. Continue reading →

Alarming Persistence of Digital Divide

Following my previous post, I have been looking at blog posts of fellow classmates as well as participating in intellectual discussion. In this comment, Shanelle provided me a fascinating article showing the impact of market from the absence of net neutrality. [picture] MEO, a Lisbon-based telecommunications firm introduced mobile package split into package — forcing users to pay add-on fees for usage of apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Continue reading →

My Digital Journey Thus Far…

My learning journey thus far has allowed me to gain deeper insights into the various forms of digital differences and the impact digitization has on our lives today. We live in a new-age of high-tech, high-touch with gizmos and gadgets to help simplify while enriching our lives. This fast pace of technological changes present both opportunities and obstacles towards adaptation of digital activities. Continue reading →

My Deep Contemplations of the Contrast Between Inequality and UnInterested Views on Web…………..

After reading and doing some research based on the different blog post, it made me understand that web better! Both  Siew Min and Audrey agreed with me that even people in less developed countries should receive affordable internet. However, Denise made a stand that if they are poor they don’t need internet. Then it got me thinking if all poor people not being able to afford internet and if was there a solution to this issue. Continue reading →

Reflection for Digital Differences

After reading through the comments and blog post of classmates on Digital Differences, i have gained a better understanding on Digital Differences and how it impacted on our life. There are no right or wrong answer for digital differences, just different perspective from different people. As mentioned by Rachel, as internet penetration increases, we should shift our attention from the “digital divide” to digital inequality. Continue reading →

Ever-Evolving Digital Differences and Web Interaction: Different Perspectives

Everyone has their own experiences with digital differences. Their own set of factors, or factors references from studies done by other researchers, which they believe would cause these differences, and affect the way they or others, interact with the Web. In my previous post, I’ve mentioned how the difference in life-stages, such as the level of education and age range one is at, would lead to digital differences within an individual, which would then affect the way they utilize the web. Continue reading →

Reflection for Topic 1 – Evaluate the impact of your “Digital Differences” on how you interact with the Web

After reading blog posts by my peers, I realised that everyone defines their digital differences differently. I placed importance of personal values such as the intention and objectives of the Internet activities and less focus on the digital divide. I have commented something similar to Jennifer’s blog post where she mentioned about bridging the Internet gap and I talked more about digital divide for her post. Continue reading →