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Review of Day 11

In a short session today we reminded you of the link between topic 3 and your final piece of assessed work which is due next week (29th) We also asked for volunteers to join us in the final Live session tomorrow, which can be viewed here. Please note we will need to connect you just before the session starts, so please get in touch before then if you would like to take part. Continue reading →

Review of Day 7

We provided general feedback on the topic 1 posts and reminded many of you to complete your self marking before your individual comments can be completed :-) The main issue to work on for topic 2 is DEPTH - getting beneath the surface to examine contradictions, make comparisons etc. As we know from the Intro topic on digital residents and visitors, these issues are rarely as simple as they might at first appear. Continue reading →

Review of Day 6

We discussed how best to link to the comments you've made when writing your reflection post. See Sarah's recent post on this if you are still unclear. We also reminded you about the value of engaging with other learners in the MOOC as well as drawing upon the specific content that is covered there. Yout topic 1 reflections are due by the end of today and tomorrow you will start all over again with topic 2 :-) Here's the link for tomorrow's Live Session. Continue reading →

Review of Day 4

We discussed feedback on the Intro posts - see a summary of key points in the "General Feedback section. Your first topic 1 posts are due end of Friday, comments by end of Monday and Reflections by end of Tuesday. Monday’s Live session can be accessed here where we will cover commenting, reflecting and self-marking. Continue reading →

Review of Day 3

We discussed how best to approach your Introductory post (due midnight Singapore time). We covered issues around word limits, incorporating the Self Test, copyright, appropriate use of media other than text, and using the "Intro Post" Category on your work. There are many different ways to approach the task and no "one right answer". Continue reading →