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Topic 4 2016

Social Media The Root of Ethical Issues?

My comments on Maureen’s and Jef’s blog Everyone may perceive the importance of various ethical issues differently according to their moral compass, but all unethical issues must be addressed in order for the web and social media platforms to be safe for freedom of expression, and information-sharing. Across the blogs I read, Jef’s and Lelia’s posts stood out to me most, both highlighting on the issue of customers’ privacy invasion. Continue reading →

Review (topic 4)

Discuss ONE of the ethical issues raised by educational or business use of social media that you consider to be particularly significant. After reviewing on others’ blogposts, I come to recognise that there are a lot of ethical issues, mainly privacy, from the usage of social media, be it educational or business. Despite that, Liting raised a distinctive ethical issue, Respect. Continue reading →

Topic 4 Reflection

Brenden and Zoey’s comment led me to think about the effectiveness of advertising in regards to astroturfing and the transparency of social media which I mentioned in my previous post. Despite the fact that influencers are slowly losing their credibility due to sponsored advertisements, companies still choose to leverage on social media marketing because it increases brand awareness and increases their scope of audiences. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Reflection on social media ethics

This topic made me realized that no one has no control over the others in having good ethics on social media, with freedom of speech present. However, you can be the rose among the thorns by maintaining good ethics Some examples of good ethics are respecting others, accepting the differences between cultures/religions and in my blog post on social media ethics, maintaining transparency online during social media marketing. Continue reading →

Reflection : Topic 4

In my opinion, I find the topic of Social Media Ethics to be very vague and broad. After reading through the blogs and comments of my classmates I realised there are a lot of different issues under the big umbrella of Social Media Ethics. Below shows the summary of new insights I have gained from reading Wendy’s and Xinlin‘s Blog. In addition, the use of media manipulation in conjunction with integrity risk serves as a double edge sword. Continue reading →

Reflection: Topic 4- The Divide

Being a digital ‘resident’ myself, I have always considered the Internet to be a ‘place’ to connect with people, share information and create content. Today the realms of business and education have also embraced social media and the internet in general to expand reach and increase impact of activities. As I explored this topic, it reminded me that the internet being home for communities and the digital personas of real people and businesses, was a realm filled with ethical issues. Continue reading →

Reflection: Ethical use of social media

The social media boom brought about many opportunities for growth. Such that it has become a key platform for both businesses and consumers to connect on a deeper level. But at the same time, it brought up many unprecedented ethical issues with more businesses adopting it into their operations. This trend is the result of imbalance between maximising profits and doing the right thing. Continue reading →

Topic 4: A Reflection On Social Media Ethics(#MANG2049)

Photo reference: It has never occur to me that excessive freedom of expression online, especially if left unchecked, would become the root cause of unethical behaviour on social media I have always perceived the internet to be a place for freedom of expression. Echoing what JiaJun said, it is also the fastest and most convenient channel to obtain information, making learning very cohesive Photo reference: https://thenonconformer.wordpress. Continue reading →

Topic #4: Reflection on ethic issues caused by social media

(Source: Google) With the ease of using social media platforms, it is inevitable that it comes with its price. Regardless of using it for education or business purpose, there’s certain limitations to it. Reading through my peer’s blog post gave me better insights into ethical issues concerning businesses. From Yong You’s post, he mentioned on how our information can be easily obtained online hence violating our privacy settings subconsciously. Continue reading →

Reflection time: Topic 4

Source After reading some blogs on business ethics, I have come to a stand that ethics regarding educational or business are up to some point the same because they both are relating to social media as a whole. How we use and manipulate it is what gives each sector different ethical issues because social media ultimately, is just a tool and are not in any way responsible for how we use them. Continue reading →