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Topic 5

Harry Potter and The Content Producer’s Dilemma

How does Harry Potter fit into all this?? Once again, I find myself pondering long and hard for a good example to illustrate my point and suddenly, Harry Potter popped into my mind! In the first installation of the series, we were introduced to the Philosopher’s Stone. It was created by renowned Alchemist Nicolas Flamel and was said to be have the ability to turn any metal to gold and was used to create the Elixir of Life, a potion that grants immortality. Continue reading →

Reflection : Topic 5

I stumbled upon the above video where well known author Neil Gaiman talks about his changed views on piracy, copyright and the web. I found it refreshing as most book publishers and authors would see giving away free books on the web, would mean a net loss in sales. In fact those who have tried it often find the opposite to be the case. Many times free digital books actually boost sales of print copies. Continue reading →

Takeaway for Topic 5: Open Access- Good or Bad?

Credits: Trainee Solution Peer-learning is a compelling way to widen my horizon of a topic through the engagement of my peers with different opinions, and this topic was no exception. As a student, I decided to relate Open Access with school as we constantly use the internet to research for journal articles. Unsurprisingly, some of my peers share a student’s perspective on this issue as well- for example Ebrahim and Yu Ting. Continue reading →

The Final. Looking Back

It’s the end of this module (of course, there’s still the summary to write after this) and this 12 days have made me understand more about what module is teaching me and it has made me do a lot of research to understand it better. Can my classmates and I imagine if we had to pay for the research? That would probably burn a hole in my pocket, quicker than going shopping. Thank goodness what we researched on was free! Source: helencritchley. Continue reading →

A beautiful ending for Topic 5

Open Access or Close Access? I believe many of us are strong supporters for Open Access, mainly because we are students. After reading Sylvia’s post, I feel that I am being really selfish and bias initially for my stand. I’ve learnt from Sylvia that I should also take into consideration the difficulties content producers face. In Wei Seong’s post, he mentioned about a recent survey which shows that in the coming years as much as 90% of online content will find itself behind a paywall. Continue reading →