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The subway mishap.

Disclaimer: This post was not crafted with the intent of shaming the involved parties, but to objectively state the underlying complications in corporate affairs. For the benefit of those who don’t know what I’m prying at, please take a quick read at this. Yes, the victims were my parents and my maternal aunty. And it syndicated in other local news media: STOMP, ShinMin, Lianhe Wanbao. Continue reading →

Smeared grey lens.

Hi there, I’ve always wanted to pen down my thoughts regarding a plethora of issues – having realised that penning it down not only posits a better writing posture but gives me a clarity of mind. This serves as a comeback thereafter an annual hiatus, things have been at gear 5 (dealing with personal mental capacity and emotions, school modules (not that it’s very hard, I just put a lot pressure on myself which spins into some sort of mental pandemonium), work). Continue reading →

Untethered – Dance to Your Beat.

(Disclaimer: Not a Literature major nor a professional screen critic, any critique here is merely for journalling purpose) Netflix’s latest hype, Black Mirror, set everyone raving over its mind-blowing antics. It’s almost like the series have plague an entire generation, jolting us to a mental ‘high’. Call me a basic bro, but I’ve been on it since Netflix came to Singapore, and have anticipated Season 4’s arrival for god-knows-how-long. Continue reading →

Identity Cry-sis

From the Justine Sacco episode, it dawned on me that the receivers’ interpretation of the message plays a critical role, since human interaction constitute a huge part of the Web (Communication Processes, 2017). It also got me thinking that one does not have to hold an online profile to garner a reputation for him/herself (Jon Ronson, 2015). Continue reading →

Mask Off?

According to Costa, and Torres, Digital Identity denotes Presentation and Reputation. Presentation is the way we interact and showcase of our practice, while Reputation is the way people consider us to be. Even if we’re just using the Internet for temporary educational/project purposes, we’ve unknowingly succumbed to the possibility of identity creation (Costa, C. and Torres, R., 2011). Continue reading →

The ‘I’ in Literacy

Today, where the media strives for our attention, it’s hard to recognise authenticity and readily put forth our seed of trust. It’s not surprising to know that even celebrities we look up to, lack the capacity to distinguish what’s real and what’s fake (WIRED, 2017). We’re all victims of the information we’re exposed to. Fig 1 explains the importance of being literate, which would also lead to better decisions made (Psychology Today, 2017). Continue reading →

What’s Good? What’s Real?

The widespread of information centers our focus to its credibility. Fig1 shows social communication and information gathering as 2 most common functions on the Internet. In especially multi-ethnic society like Singapore, bogus news can create fault lines amongst people. As warned by MInister the reports of terrorism, it may set to sow racial discord (TODAYonline, 2017). Continue reading →

Are we Humans or Are we Surfers? (Reflections on Topic 1)

(Time to ponder) It’s an irony how the Internet has integrated the world, yet have caused social degradation in reality, especially amongst the younger generation. Internet Addiction can reach up to as high as 8.2% in USA/Europe (, 2017). Hampton raised implications of Internet Addiction, including Anti-social Behaviours, Obesity and Self-Esteem issues (The Daily Universe, 2014). Continue reading →

Digital Differences – Interactions & Implications (Topic 1)

Undoubtedly, we live in a technological age where information is transmitted beyond efficacy. However, there is still disparity in digital literacy, which draws parallels to the external environment (socioeconomic, demographic etc.) and individual personality (motivation and attitudes). Fig 1 proves that lack of motivation and unavailability are the top deterrents. Continue reading →