Cross-centre seminar Wednesday 8th March 2017

Cross-centre seminar, led by the Centre for Global Englishes (CGE) and chaired by Professor Jennifer Jenkins.

When: Wednesday 8th March 2017, 5-6.30pm

Where: Building 65, Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus

Who: Prof Clare Mar-Molinero, Prof Roumyana Slabakova, Dr Dick Vigers and Prof Jennifer Jenkins.

Perspectives on multilingualism

Over the past ten years or so, multilingualism has become a hot topic in linguistics research. Alongside a range of existing and new generative SLA approaches to the subject, a branch of critical multilingualism research, sometimes described as a ‘multilingual turn’, has developed that includes, for example, a focus on issues relating to mobility and migration, a questioning of the constructs ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ speaker, an interest in translanguaging, and a reconceptualisation of ‘English’. In this seminar, speakers from each of our four research centres, CGE, CLLEAR, MeXsu, and TNS, will present what they see as the key aspects of multilingualism from their own research and/or research centre’s position. The seminar will then open up to debate among the panel and discussion between the panel and audience.

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