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Towards a New Understanding of the Port of Claudius

The new programme of research in the Claudian harbour is focused on the central and eastern parts of the northern mole, estimated at least 1.7km in length. The previous campaigns between 2017-2019 to the west of Viale Coccia di Morto were successful in using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) and 3 targeted cores to provide additional detail to the data collected by the Soprintendenza in 2007-8. Continue reading →

The site and the Portus Project

Looking westwards towards Portus. Photo: Simon Keay Portus was the maritime port of Imperial Rome, and for c. 500 years was the commercial hub that connected the Metropolis to the broader Mediterranean. It was a very large complex covering c. 3.5km2 and which encompassed c. 230.5 Ha of harbour basins and quays, as well as canals, warehouses, temples, churches, houses and administrative buildings. Continue reading →

Welcome to the Languages at Southampton Blog

This blog offers information and announcements of upcoming events, and will also include occasional posts from students and Language Advisers on how to make the most out of your learning in Modern Languages at the university. At the University of Southampton we have a huge array of options for language learners both at the university and in the local community. From classes taken alongside a degree to dedicated evening sessions, we offer something for everyone. Continue reading →