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Written feedback on draft assignments

Posted on February 16, 2015 by in Written feedback

What is it?

When students receive written feedback on draft assignments, this is considered to be formative feedback; this contrasts with summative feedback which students will be given on final assignments. Using formative feedback, students are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to make the necessary improvements before submitting the final version. Many students view formative feedback as one of the most useful forms of feedback, since students recognise the immediate value of it and pay attention to the comments and corrections in order to improve their work. Lecturers should therefore be encouraged to use this method, wherever possible, as it has proved to be particularly useful with respect to consolidating students’ knowledge and thus improving their performance.

How can students make the most of it?

This form of feedback is an excellent opportunity for students to receive written feedback on their work before they are required to submit a final version. This therefore allows the student to make the necessary amendments in order to ensure their work is to a high standard. Students must be encouraged to take time to go through the feedback offered, and seek further guidance if need be.

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