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The Southampton Opportunity Showcase 2014 – 26th November 2014 (by Claire Gent)

Posted on December 16, 2014 by in Blog

I was invited to take part in the University of Southampton’s annual Opportunity Showcase as a student Feedback Champion. The afternoon started with a chance to talk to people and enjoy a light lunch. At the event there were student champions and staff representatives from other projects. It was nice to be able to meet the people behind the schemes and find out their thoughts and ideas about the projects. These schemes included OPUS (Opportunities at the University of Southampton), iChamps (Innovation and Digital Literacies Champions) and SusChamps (Sustainability Champions).

We then headed into the lecture theatre where each of the Champion projects was given an opportunity to present their initiatives and answer questions from the floor. I found it very interesting to have the opportunity to listen to the projects in more depth, as I was unaware of the intricacies of the other projects. As a Feedback Champ I joined Laurence Georgin to present the developments that we have had in our project. We were able to show our new website and a short video explaining the project.

The afternoon continued with workshops for staff and students on a variety of subjects including but not limited to: peer mentoring and buddy schemes, student perspectives on their development following a trip to Italy and group and team working opportunities within the University of Southampton.

The afternoon was very successful and brought awareness and attention to the projects.

To view the Southampton Feedback Champions video and new website please follow this link:

Claire Gent
Second Year, Adult Nursing

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