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A busy summer for the Feedback Champions team

Posted on August 31, 2014 by in Blog

With 5 different teams working on different areas of the Southampton Feedback Champions project, it has been a busy summer!

The Data Analysis Team analysed 100 interviews with staff and students across all faculties. The interviews were transcribed and analysed by a team managed Kristina Stuart. Kristina also produced the final report and recommendations from the interview data.

The Website Team worked closely with Thomas Dubosc, our Excel Placement Student Intern who created our brand new website, and Laurence Georgin the Project Manager. Weekly team meetings with website project manager, Luis Arenal Mijares, were organised to keep the team updated with the development of the website and to review ideas or proposed changes.

The Student and Staff Publicity Teams, managed respectively by Giles Howard and Alyssa Prasmusinto, secured a stall in the SUSU Concourse on Highfield for November 12th and started working on their PowerPoint presentation for the staff events, which will take place on all 5 university campuses. in November as well.

The Project Video Team was managed by Abisola Tina Hammed and worked on a transcript for the video, which they started filming on campus. The editing of the video proved quite tricky and they had to request some help from the I-Champs. With a newly-found enthusiasm, they started filming again and hope  to get the video done for the promotional events in November.

With the launch of the website and 6 promotional events over 5 campuses, the Autumn is likely to be as busy as the summer for the Southampton Feedback Champions!

Laurence Georgin
Southampton Feedback Champions Project Manager

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