Year: 2015

Metadata and experience

From Iris Garrelfs Yesterday, Thanasis and I met briefly to further discuss the nature and role of “experience” in relation to matadata. Not an easy subject to get one’s head around, but necessary as in my experience (no pun intended)

Docs meeting, Edinburgh, 29th September

Mike, Magnus, and Colin are meeting at the University of Edinburgh to review and augment two of the documents that we are working on, leading up to the structural outline of the guidance that is one of our final deliverables.

Procedural Blending for Collaboration

From Iris Garrelfs At our all-hands-on-deck meeting in Southampton earlier this week I was asked to write a little about one of the other envisaged applications of Procedural Blending: how it may aid the process of inter/cross-disciplinary collaborations. These can,

Team meeting, University of Southampton, 21 September 2015

Colin has added a summary report of our recent team meeting to the page:

Smoke gets in your Eyes

Iris Garrelfs has now finished this audio-visual piece, which she described in a previous post – You can see the film at

Summer activities

During the first six weeks of Phase 2, the CREAM team have been making progress with understanding the diversity of the research in which metadata might be used actively. Remaining conscious that our primary goal is to produce guidance and

Annalist meeting, 27 August 2015

On Thursday 27th August, Colin and Cerys met with Graham at Wolfson College, Oxford to discuss the potential roles(s) of Annalist in characterising metadata usage, with a longer-term view to putting together a “getting started” guide for researchers wishing to

Evolving methodology

Towards the end of Phase 1, we looked at how our methodology had changed since we conceived the project. That discussion continued during the second sandpit and indeed the methodology continues to evolve during Phase 2. To begin with, we

Thursday 20th of August – Smoke gets in your Eyes

Iris is currently working on an audio visual piece called Smoke gets in your Eyes. It is made from original photographic documentation of mid 20th-century air pollution in the cities of Pittsburgh and St Louis (courtesy of the Smoke Control

Thursday 20th August

Iris Garrelfs (University of the Arts London) is investigating the extent to which metadata is – or could be – used actively within practice-based research and Procedural Blending (see What is?). Iris is also comparing the nature of the data