Annalist meeting, 27 August 2015

On Thursday 27th August, Colin and Cerys met with Graham at Wolfson College, Oxford to discuss the potential roles(s) of Annalist in characterising metadata usage, with a longer-term view to putting together a “getting started” guide for researchers wishing to use Annalist to explore their active use of metadata.

Our meeting was both constructive and productive and will inform several aspects of the CREAM project:

  • The “getting started” guide itself;
  • How we describe the concept of active use of metadata;
  • Our approach to producing the structural outline for the guidelines about active use of metadata (a Phase 2 deliverable);
  • The modelling of chemical experiment recording, which should influence our thinking about the design of a generic digital research notebook (DRN).

Thanks to Graham for choosing the venue. It could well be a good (and very pleasant) place to hold a future team meeting.

2 Comments on “Annalist meeting, 27 August 2015

  1. Thanks Colin, it’s good to have extracts from meetings on here as a repository. Easy to follow. One question:

    You are considering “How we describe the concept of active use of metadata”. If we are talking about implementing the principle across different domains, might it be worth to go one step back and consider what matadata acutually might consist of in various domains? This may not always be straight forward, especially for newcomers to the idea.


  2. Thanks, Iris,
    That’s a genuinely helpful suggestion. I’ll reply to you directly to explain why.
    Best wishes – Colin

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