Year: 2015

Tuesday 18th August

Graham Klyne is continuing his work with Annalist, modelling the STFC use case in collaboration with Tom Griffin and gaining a fuller understanding of the procedural blending model for describing creative/artistic processes, working with Iris Garrelfs and Thanasis Velios. With

Friday 14th August

We resumed work on the website several weeks ago, but ran into difficulties that appeared to be related to the setup of the WordPress instance we are using. Since then, Cerys has Willoughby taken up the challenge and is improving

Wednesday 22nd July

We heard from Daniela that the our project had been selected for the second development phase. Now we’re busy pulling together the information that we need to supply to Daniela: numerous emails and edits to the project plan.

Friday 17th July

Mike Mineter has provided us with notes about the TaPP workshop (Edinburgh, 8-9 July 2015) that he attended and presented a poster about CREAM, using GeosMeta as an example (ask Mike if you would like a copy of the poster).


The project is now underway. We have much of the setup work out of the way now and had our first face to face meeting in Southampton on 29th and 30th April. An update will follow shortly…