Thursday 20th of August – Smoke gets in your Eyes

Iris is currently working on an audio visual piece called Smoke gets in your Eyes. It is made from original photographic documentation of mid 20th-century air pollution in the cities of Pittsburgh and St Louis (courtesy of the Smoke Control Lantern Slide Collection, University of Pittsburgh), in combination with a newly created version of the Jazz standard Smoke gets in your Eyes.

The project is accompanied by a data collection of notes in Annalist, the aim being to capture ongoing process and becoming clearer about the nature of metadata in my domain, in what way this is active, or can be activated by others. The information extracted from this process will form the basis of a semi-structured data model expanding on Iris’ model of Procedural Blending, which has some marked similarities with work on provenance to describe processes in scientific research, but also some marked differences.

More on that in due course.

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