Who are we?

The partners in the CREAM project are:

  • University of Southampton: Simon Coles (Principal Investigator); Jeremy Frey; Colin Bird (Project Coordinator); Cerys Willoughby
  • University of Edinburgh: Mike Mineter; Magnus Hagdorn
  • University of the Arts London: Athanasios Velios; Iris Garrelfs
  • Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC): Tom Griffin; Brian Matthews
  • Nine by Nine: Graham Klyne

The areas of expertise represented by the partners are:

  • University of Southampton: Project coordination; Standards; Digital notebooks for research
  • University of Edinburgh: GeosMeta prototype; User communities in the Geoscience and Environment sector
  • University of the Arts London: Digital Documentation in Arts; Procedural blending in sound arts; Artivity project (also a Jisc Research Data Spring project)
  • Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC): Metadata modelling, capture & management; big data applications & use cases supporting users of central facilities such as Diamond, ISIS, CLF & Astronomy & Space Science
  • Nine by Nine: Research objects; RDF and Metadata Standards; RDM tooling; Annalist demonstration/exemplar platform

Contact details for the partners are:

  • Simon Coles – S.J.Coles@soton.ac.uk
  • Jeremy Frey – j.g.frey@soton.ac.uk
  • Colin Bird – colinl.bird@soton.ac.uk
  • Cerys Willoughby – Cerys.Willoughby@soton.ac.uk
  • Mike Mineter – m.mineter@ed.ac.uk
  • Magnus Hagdorn – Magnus.Hagdorn@ed.ac.uk
  • Athanasios Velios – a.velios@arts.ac.uk
  • Iris Garrelfs – i.garrelfs@arts.ac.uk
  • Tom Griffin – tom.griffin@stfc.ac.uk
  • Brian Matthews – brian.matthews@stfc.ac.uk
  • Graham Klyne – gk@ninebynine.org