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Museum collaboration // Essential bibliography

In this post I will start to list some of the bibliography to be used to get familiarized with essential concepts and ideas that will allow the project to be carried in the most optimal manner.  The bibliography was chosen from the BSc Information Technology in Organizations fron University of Southampton and readings from Museum Studies and Museology.

Due to my visual communication background the Museum Studies readings I will be focusing on the more challenging theories instead on the basic methodology.  On the other hand, IT in Organizations I will be focusing on basic readings to be able to get familiarized with basic concepts.

Information Technologies in Organizations

Tools and Techniques for IT Modeling

  • Peter Harris. Designing and Reporting Experiments in Psychology (2nd ed). OU Press
  • Steve McKillup. Statics Explained. Cambridge

Collaborative Projects

  • Brooks, FP, The Mythical Man-Month, Addison-Wesley, 1982.
  • Checkland, P, and Scholes, J, Soft Systems Methodology, Wiley

Human Computer Interaction

  • Dix A, Finlay J, Abowd G and Beale R, Human-Computer Interaction, 3rd Edition. Prentice Hall, 2003
  • Norman DA, The Design of Everyday Things, Basic Books, 2002 new edition

Information Systems Strategy

  • Bocij, P. et al. (2005) Business Information Systems Technology, Development and Management in E-business. Pearson Higher Education FT Prentice Hall.
  • Turban, E., Rainer, R.K. and Potter, R.E. 3rd editon (2004) Introduction to Information Technology: John Wiley and Sons
  • Brown, J.S. and Duguid, P. (2002) The Social Life of Information. Harvard Business School
  • Simon, J.C. (2000) Introduction to Information Systems. New York: Wiley

Museology and Museum Studies

  • Sharon Macdonald. A Companion to Museum Studies, Malden, MA ; Oxford : Blackwell Pub., 2006
  • Pearce, Susan. Interpreting Objects and Collections. Andover:Routledge, 2001
  • Hein, George E. Learning in the Museum (Museum Meanings) Boulder, Co. netLibrary c2001-c2003
  • Poli, C. Mobility and Environment: Humanists versus Engineers in Urban Policy and Professional Education. Dordrecht; New York, Springer c2011

Image Collaboration

I believe that the approach I will take within these disciplines will create an amalgamation of skills that will enable projects like these to be implemented and future proof.  I am looking forward to collaborate with other museum institutions and curators around the world and perhaps change the method or concept of how we see a museum artifact or a museums in general.

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