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I cam across a UN project called Global Pulse during the summer of 2011. Since seeing that project and Ushahidi I have become fascinated with the notion of real-time data being made visual and put to immediate and effective use. The usefulness in these instances is to solve real-time problems by tracking data from twitter, facebook, blogs and news items.

Robert Kirkpatrick’s Strata Talk (Sept’11)

In the interests of understanding the whole process, from raw data to final (useful) output, I will need my two chosen disciplines to reflect the data-in and the data-out (post information-graphic phase).

So, the initial first choice for investigation is statistics / quality of data / epistemology and/or maybe graph theory? The second will be about the usefulness of the output visualisations which at the moment is leading me to game theory. But who knows, it was human rights, law and sociology a week ago.

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