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Research grant success for Ying Zheng

Dr. Ying Zheng has been successful in obtaining an award under the British Council East Asia Assessment Research Grants scheme 2014. The title of the project is ‘Aptis in China: Exploring Stakeholders’ Perceptions of its Validity and Practicality’. This project is a collaboration with Dr. Yanyan Zhang, Associate Professor from Wuhan University.  The project aims to investigate Aptis test takers’ perceptions of its validity and test practicality in China. Continue reading →

iTunes U recording: Pronoun Interpretation in the Second Language

Follow this link to a recording of a public seminar given by Professor Roumyana Slabakova and Prof. Lydia White (McGill University) on Pronoun Interpretation in the Second Language at The Department for Education at the University of Oxford. Abstract: A much-studied phenomenon in first language (L1) acquisition concerns the fact that children have greater difficulty in interpreting sentences with pronouns than with reflexives, the so-called Delay of Principle B Effect (DPBE). Continue reading →

CLLEAR seminar Wed 19 March Dr Cecile De Cat, University of Leeds

Please join us for the next CLLEAR seminar on Wednesday (19 March) 5.00pm (Avenue Campus Lecture Theatre C). Dr. Cecile De Cat from University of Leeds. Title: Representational deficit or processing effect? An RT study of noun-noun compound processing by very advanced L2 speakers of English Abstract: Noun-noun compounds (NNCs) are syntactic structures that vary cross-linguistically in terms of headedness and productivity. Continue reading →

Successful Adventures in Research grant for Dr Ying Zheng, Modern Languages

Dr. Ying Zheng is one of the successful recipients of the University of Southampton’s 2014 Adventures in Research Grants. Her project is entitled ‘Incorporating Feedback into an Online Assessment Module: Exploring Its Potential’. It is a collaborative project with Pearson ELT (David Booth, Test Development Director, Shaida Mohammadi, Test Development Manager). Continue reading →

ILC visiting scholar Professor Ute Smit, University of Vienna

Professor Ute Smit from the University of Vienna will be visiting the University of Southampton through the Institute for Language and Culture from 19 – 25 February. While she is here Professor Smit will be giving a seminar in the CLLEAR and CGE seminar series on Wednesday 19 February (5:00, 65/Lecture Theatre A) entitled English-medium education in multilingual university settings: A sociolinguistic examination of interactive explaining in the classroom. Continue reading →