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Web Science Institute official launch!

Royal Society, London - Thursday 12th June 2014 This was the formal launch of the world leading Web Science Institute. Click the link below to see the full event programme and details: WSI Launch Brochure The day kicked off at 10:30 am with a Web Science Institute in the City of London rooms with various organisations including the Open Data Institute (@UKODI, and the Web Science Trust (@websciencetrust, Continue reading →

Meet Web Science students and learn about their research at Web Science Research Week.

The Web Science Institute and the Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Southampton invite you to the Web Science Research Week (24-28th February 2014) to participate in and influence research on the Web, Internet and Digital Economy. The Web Science Institute is a research and training initiative of the University of Southampton that brings together the brightest minds to generate insight and innovation in this exciting field. Continue reading →

Web Science researchers contributing at #DE2013MCUK

We will be invading Media City in Manchester next week for the Digital Economy's Open Digital Conference You can check out the full programme and follow #DE2013MCUK on twitter but here is a brief summary of the Southampton contributions: Professor Dame Wendy Hall will be delivering a keynote on Wednesday. She will discuss recent developments in “Openness” with specific focus upon the opportunities offered by the convergence of Open Data, Open Research and Open Learning. Continue reading →

Digital Economy USRG Contributions to Web Science MOOC #FLwebsci

On 11th November 2013 the University of Southampton will be running its first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), focusing on Web Science - a taster of how the web is changing the world and how the world is changing the web. It will be the first of many courses that will be made available in partnership with platform provider FutureLearn for people to study online, for free, wherever they are based in the world. Continue reading →

Cybersecurity Research Students and the Digital Economy

At the last DE lunch on 29 October 2012 Maire Evans, Dominic Hobson and Mu Yang spoke about their respective research activities in the area of Cybersecurity, co-ordinated via the Academic Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity Research. I thought that this offered a perfect example of multidisciplinary research in the Digital Economy and so I asked them to provide some collective thoughts on their research and working. Mu Yang is a fourth year Ph.D. Continue reading →

Live webcasts from the Internet Governance Forum

Join live webcasts and discussions from the Internet Governance Forum in Baku. Thanks to everyone who voted for Internet Governance Forum sessions we should take part in as part of the Southampton Remote Hub. We'll be following sessions on: cybercrime and rule of law; information and ethics; power, politics and internet filtering; social media and young people's freedom of expression; open knowledge in developing countries; and a session giving an overview of global Internet infrastructures. Continue reading →