Meet Web Science students and learn about their research at Web Science Research Week.

The Web Science Institute and the Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Southampton invite you to the Web Science Research Week (24-28th February 2014) to participate in and influence research on the Web, Internet and Digital Economy. The Web Science Institute is a research and training initiative of the University of Southampton that brings together the brightest minds to generate insight and innovation in this exciting field.

Its inaugural research week will undertake a programme of short term projects.

The aims of the week are
– to answer questions and generate insight on issues relevant to the Web, Internet and Digital Economy
– to build relationships between Web Science partners and supporters from industry and academia
– to meet students and trainee researchers and influence and participate in their future research directions

If you are interested in applying for a Web Science MSc or PhD, you are very welcome to attend the launch on Monday 24th February or the presentations at the Royal Society in London on Friday 28th February. You will have the chance to speak to current Web Science students, read about their research during the poster session and decide whether a Web Science MSc or PhD is for you!

Research Week Draft Programme:

Monday 24th February at University of Southampton

Launch of the Research Week with keynote speakers, lunch and a poster session with a networking opportunity with our students and staff. Small teams of researchers set to work on each project.

11am – Open Research week – Welcome
11:15 – Short Keynote talks
11:45 – Introduction of the research projects
12:30 – Lunch and poster session
13:00 – Hugh Davis talk about the MOOC Observatory
14:00 – Research groups start their project work

Tuesday 25th-Thursday 27th February at University of Southampton: Research teams carry out project work.

Friday 28th February – 11am at the Royal Society, London

11am – Welcome
11:10 – Keynote speaker (tbc)
11:30 – Presentations – 5 minutes each
12:30/45 – Lunch
13:30 – Poster Session
14:30 – Closing Keynote (tbc)
15:00 – Close

Please respond to if you would like to participate and indicate whether you would like to:
1) register a place for the launch on Monday 24th February 2014 at the University of Southampton
2) register a place for the closing event on Friday 28th February 2014 at the Royal Society, London

A selection of the week’s research projects are:

Obtaining Legal Highs from the Web (led by Professor Dame Wendy Hall and Lisa Sugiura, with support from partners from the National Crime Agency)

It is possible to buy prescription, lifestyle and recreational drugs online and have them delivered to your door, but this unlicensed and unpoliced trade that poses obvious health risks to consumers, has resulted in the death of young people who obtain legal highs from the Web. There has been very little research undertaken on the availability of these legal highs on the Web; this activity will use Web Observatory techniques to uncover evidence of the practice backed up by interviews with those affected.

Commissioning Cyber-attacks against Business Websites supported by South-East Regional Organised Crime Unit

An Observatory for MOOCs

Tracking cultural flows through retail transactions supported by EBay

Multiple capitals (social and cultural) for evaluating advertising value supported by Switch Concepts

Unbiased Crowds – Sourcing Streetmap data from women and working classes supported by Ordnance Survey

Historic Analysis of Government Websites supported by The National Archive

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