Web Science researchers contributing at #DE2013MCUK

We will be invading Media City in Manchester next week for the Digital Economy’s Open Digital Conference

You can check out the full programme and follow #DE2013MCUK on twitter but here is a brief summary of the Southampton contributions:

Professor Dame Wendy Hall will be delivering a keynote on Wednesday. She will discuss recent developments in “Openness” with specific focus upon the opportunities offered by the convergence of Open Data, Open Research and Open Learning. Wendy will draw upon contemporary examples from the Web Observatory, Open Data Institute and the Web Science MOOC to highlight the aspects of openness that are now working well, and also those which are proving more challenging.

Chris Phethean is demonstrating his work which is titled “Analysis Of Charities’ Communication Styles On Twitter” It comprises a novel piece of software for automatically analysing charitable organisations’ posts and classifying the results into specific communication styles.

Ian Brown is presenting a paper titled “Enabling the adoption of Web 3 in the digital economy”

Richard Gomer is running Workshop C titled “Towards Meaningful: Perspectives on Online Consent

Craig Allison is presenting a paper titled – “Tracking Orientation within a Virtual Building – Bridging the Gap Between the Inside and Out to Reduce Disorientation

Ramine Tinati is presenting a paper titled “Exploring the Use of #OpenData in UK Open Government Data Community”

Nada Albunni is presenting a poster titled “Focusing a cultural lens on the growth of trust networks: a Syrian perspective”