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Can artificial intelligence be used to undermine elections?

Article by Ben Hawes, Wendy Hall, Matt Ryan The UK and the US are both heading towards national elections. In the next couple of years almost every major democracy will also hold the most important national elections in their systems. Previous elections in the UK and the US and a referendum in the UK saw spikes in political disinformation online, as well as online exercises in profiling and targeting for the purpose of political influencing. Continue reading →

CDT Training Funding Report

By Geane de Almeida Fontinele Zadra, CDT Doctoral Student I had a great and valuable opportunity to attend two online training courses provided by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM). This was possible thanks to the Web Science CDT funding, which helped me to gain more knowledge and skills needed for my PhD research on sport and physical activity experience among visually impaired people. Continue reading →

National Centre for Research Methods training courses (NCRM) – Report

By Web Science CDT Doctoral Student, Rana Shahini It was a great opportunity facilitated by the Web Science CDT training fund to attend one of the National Centre for Research Methods training courses (NCRM): Analysing interview and focus group data using NVivo, which was held in July. The course was a live online course delivered via Zoom by Dr. Sarah L. Bulloch a senior associate of Qualitative Data Analysis Services (QDAS). Continue reading →

→ November 10, 2021

EuroCALL 2021 By Karla de Lima Guedes Thanks to the Web Science CDT training fund, I was able to attend the 2021 European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EuroCALL) conference back in August 25-27th. EuroCALL is an organisation that brings together researchers, practitioners, and developers who feel passionate about the use of technology for the learning and teaching of languages and cultures. Continue reading →

#websci21: Review of Day 1

We started off day one of the Web Science Conference with the PhD Symposium. Allison Noble, Web Science PhD student, summarised her participation in this event as follows: "A number of experienced academics gathered at the Web Science PhD Symposium in order to provide PhD students (at different stages of their candidature) an opportunity to showcase their research goals and to receive feedback on their ongoing research on an international platform. Continue reading →


By Karla de Lima Guedes | iPhD Web Science Student Thanks to the Web Science CDT training fund, I had the opportunity to attend two National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) training courses: (1) Introduction to NVivo in March/21 and (2) Analysing Literature and Documents with NVivo in April/21. Continue reading →