National Centre for Research Methods training courses (NCRM) – Report

By Web Science CDT Doctoral Student, Rana Shahini

It was a great opportunity facilitated by the Web Science CDT training fund to attend one of the National Centre for Research Methods training courses (NCRM): Analysing interview and focus group data using NVivo, which was held in July. The course was a live online course delivered via Zoom by Dr. Sarah L. Bulloch a senior associate of Qualitative Data Analysis Services (QDAS).

This course was a full day, live, and guided hands-on session, which targeted researchers who are working with interview and/or focus group data. NVivo is a great qualitative data analysis (QDA) computer software that helps to manage, analyse and interpret any type of qualitative data.

The course was delivered through a blend of demonstration, discussion, and practical exercises and tailored to our individual projects’ objectives and analytical strategies, with the small group size.

In addition, to have a comprehensive overview of NVivo and its core components, I realised the importance of my methodology research questions in driving the use of software tools. The course helped me structure the NVivo workspace in line with my project objectives, as well as to choose the appropriate analytic approach for my interview data providing me with a framework for planning and documenting my analysis.

Now I feel more confident organising, analysing and visualising my qualitative interview data from what I gained from this course and its materials (resources, references, slides, video screening, and live experience). I am so grateful to Web Science CDT for their continuous support and their urge to do better as well as smoothing my journey through the training fund.

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