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Thoughts on summarisation

Having had a very helpful meeting with Seth I started finalising┬ámy reading of┬áSociology and Economics. Reading through┬á2 key introductory text books for each subject helped guide me to where I may need additional info. It is no mean feat summarising the whole of one discipline! While I am more aware about sociological research having studied it before. Economics was new to me, but it is also important for my future PhD research. I found that while there may be friction between the 2 disciplines and their approaches they both complement each other and the internet and the web has put a ‘spoke into the wheel’ of how each of them perceive the world. Economics seems to be constantly seeking answers to questions and these answers sometimes seems dubious and, a way┬áto┬ámaintain the status quo. Indeed Sociology seems the same, but it has come a long way from when it first formed to have a more modern and inclusive approach with many different fields of research. I think that economists would benefit from that too and both will benefit from using and understanding how technology, the internet and the web can help them, but how they in turn can help each other.

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