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All Day!

I’ve had my head in this psychology book most of the day.  I’m the speediest reader in the world of students’ work, but I’m b******d if I can speed-read through this stuff.  Still, I’ve made some progress and I think I can return the book to the library tomorrow.  I’ve just focused on picking out approaches and studies that would be helpful were I to consider carrying out the research myself.  Which I know I’m not going to do, but actually I’m thinking that’s a bit of a shame!

Anyway, the next area of study needs to be ‘Feminist’ psychology, and I need to do some research to see if I can find some up-to-date papers looking at the issues of on-line abuse in general, and misogynist abuse in particular, especially within the confines of on-line gaming.

While reading, I remembered this page about the Effects Theory that I used to direct my students to in media studies.  David Gauntlett is a bit of a hero of mine.  And  really, really miss teaching Media Studies.

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