Topic 4: social media ethics

Please read these notes and check out the links below, before preparing and posting your answer to the set question. This document should be regarded as just the start of the discussions, which are then developed over the next two weeks through the conversations themselves and the sharing of further relevant links.

These articles are intended to give you a flavour of the topic, and get you started on answering the Topic 4 set question below.

Relevant articles/videos

Guardian article about freedom of speech on social media

TED Talk on why privacy matters by Glenn Greenwald

An update on the Justine Sacco case

BBC Technology report on the “digital divide”

BBC Technology report on identity theft

Question for Topic 4:

Discuss ONE of the ethical issues raised by educational or business use of social media that you consider to be particularly significant.

Deadline for posting your answer to the set question is midnight on 27/11
Deadline for posting your comments on the work of others is midnight on 30/11 and for reflective summaries is midnight on 4/12.

Remember that for topics 2-5 marks all count towards your final assessment and marks will be deducted for late posts. The assessment criteria are detailed in the module Study Guide.

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