Friday drop in sessions – do come and say hello :-)

Hi everyone – it’s fair to say that attendance at the first two sessions has been a little, er, sparse :-) Please note there will be *specific topic 1 feedback* covered in the next class on Friday (28/10). Do come along and make sure you understand your individual feedback report, are clear about how everything works, and can therefore apply your best efforts to Topic 2.

WEEKLY DROP-IN SESSIONS (9 – 10 am in Fridays in 2/3041)

14/10 Getting started with WordPress – troubleshooting
21/10 Getting started with WordPress – troubleshooting
28/10 Topic 1 feedback workshop
4/11 Tools for creating graphics/images/infographics
11/11 Topic 2 feedback workshop
18/11 Tools for creating animated videos and/or presentations
25/11 Topic 3 feedback workshop
2/12 General troubleshooting session
9/12 Topic 4 feedback workshop
13/1 Topic 5 feedback and digital portfolio (Task 2) preparation workshop


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