The End of the World (Cup)

… for England.

We didn’t plan the SAVE household sample recruitment and data collection period to over-lap with the 2018 World Cup but we had no end of fun when it did. We started out with some quick analysis of pick-ups (or not) of power demand during the game against Tunisia on June 18th before moving on to the game against Panama on the 25th. We even tried to guestimate what the UK National Grid pick-up might be and thought we might have spotted a penalty effect in the Columbia game. Sweden was next and the team (@MikeyLHarper & @tom_rushby) rose to the task with a neatly timed cross-fade animation volley.


And then the end of the world. Hopes were high, it was coming home (whatever it was) but then it didn’t. Nevertheless and despite their disappointment @MikeyLHarper & @tom_rushby nailed it with a second fantastic animation of the minute by minute ebs and flows of the power that drove the nation. Reproduced in glorious technicolour here, for you. #Enjoy.


Posted in August, 2018