The Sustainable Energy Research Group has a wide range of facilities including:

Building Integrated PV Arrays

  • A fully instrumented and configurable building-integrated monocrystalline PV array of 7.2 kWp covering the south facade of Building 2 at the University of Southampton.
  • Facility for studies on multiple grid connected central and string inverters for analysis of mismatch losses in PV arrays including a range of inverters from 700 W to 5 kW.
  • Semi-transparent PV laminates in an array of 12.5 kWp on the atrium of the Professional Services Building at the University of Southampton.

Photovoltaic Test Facilities

  • A 460 Wp, grid connected, fully instrumented and configurable roof tile mono-crystalline array.
  • A range of measuring systems available for testing reliability and performance of stand-alone photovoltaic systems.

Holographic Optical Element Test Facade

  • Test facade for performance analysis of light directing Holographic Optical Elements (HOE) elements.

Accelerated Lifetime Testing Rig for Electric Connectors

  • Life time testing rig for electrical reliability of connectors, including PV connectors.

Wave, Tidal and Hydropower Facilities

  • 8 m and 12.5 m wave flumes with glass sides and floor, wavemakers with active absorption.
  • 21 m and 14 m tilting open channels, both with provision for studying sediment transport.
  • Water wheel test tank.

Marine Current Energy Converters

  • Developed testing procedures and modelling systems for Marine Current Energy Converters.
  • Prototypes of Marine Current Energy Converters.

Simulation Facilities

  • Various simulation tools for photovoltaic and solar thermal analysis as well as for system design. These tools are used to analyse PV performance.
  • Simulation tools for investigating aspects of thermal performance and lighting in the built environment.
  • Performance and power simulation facilities for Marine Current Energy Converters.
  • Computer-based system for modelling tidal currents.
  • In-house micro-wind assessment tool.

Monitoring Facilities

  • High resolution thermal imaging equipment.
  • Equipment for assessing indoor lighting performance.
  • High speed velocity and turbulence measurement equipment for use in water circulation tanks.
  • Various environmental data analysis and data logging systems for the assessment of the indoor environment.

Climate Change Weather File Generation Tools

  • Tools compiled in house for generating UK climate change weather files for building performance simulation programs.
  • Tool compiled in house for generating world-wide climate change weather files for building performance simulation programs.

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