Institutional Links UK-Philippines Summer School, Southampton, 9 Aug – 6 Sept 2017

Theme:   ‘Challenges faced by the UK and Philippines in the energy sector’
Date:   9 August – 6 September 2017
Venue:   University of Southampton


Institutional Links aims to build UK-partner country research and innovation collaborations centred on shared research and innovation challenges.

This programme is designed to establish links beyond the level of the individual researcher and innovation practitioner, opening up opportunities for more sustainable, solution-oriented collaborations between academic groups as well as with the private and third sector (e.g., SMEs, NGOs, technology transfer offices and other not-for-profit organisations).

The programme is running under the Newton Fund (referred to as Newton Institutional Links), which is part of the UK’s official development assistance programme, and also outside of the Newton Fund.

Under the Newton Fund, Institutional Links grants facilitate research which tackles local development needs and challenges such as extreme weather conditions, access to affordable health care, food and energy security.

Institutional Links

Institutional Links

Institutional Links

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This project is between the Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) of the University of Southampton, and the Center for Research in Energy Systems and Technologies (CREST) of the University of San Carlos. It covers two areas, namely, energy efficiency in buildings, and energy access (rural electrification).

Programme of the Summer School

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Download the complete programme of the summer school


Lecture notes: Training on library skills, by Ms. Fiona Nichols

Speaker:   Ms. Fiona Nichols (Academic Liaison Librarian for Electronics & Computer Science, University of Southampton)
Date:   9 August 2017
Document:   Lecture notes


Summer school programme and timetable

Date:   9 August to 6 Septehmber 2017
Document:   Summer school programme


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