Introducing RedFeather

The OneShare team is embarking on a new project. The JISC have very kindly funded the RedFeather project. RedFeather is a Resource Exhibition and Discovery tool which is Feather light. It allows users to trivially upload and share small collections of OER. As well as the HTML interface metadata can be exposed in various formats including RSS, RDF and OAI-PMH. The tool is easily adaptable to into various Web2.0 services. Our plan is that the default user experience will visualize Resources using Google Docs Viewer and will allow commenting from Facebook.

While this is not the most attractive graphical design it does illustrate the key elements of the RedFeather browsing experience. The metadata is light weight but still visually engaging and experience with ties to social networks.

RedFeather’s target audience are users who have a small collection (5-50 Resources maybe), very limited technical experience and no repository solution in which to exhibit those resources. RedFeather is not a Repository although it does have some similarities with a repository platform. In a future post I will talk more about the target audience and some key use cases for RedFeather.

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