Student Dashboard v0.1 responsive design

About a year ago I started a blog post on here about taking a completely unresponsive, non-mobile-friendly set of style sheets and making them responsive. I got a fair way in, and wrote about 1500 words describing my methodology. However, then the project ended, reports were due and there was no real time to carry on working on this.

Over the past couple of months I’ve found a few spare moments to work on this again, and I am now happy that I have a suitable prototype stylesheet that does the University branded template from the full screen version (well the fixed 940px wide default), all the way through a fluid version in slightly smaller screens, to a responsive version that fits iPhone-sized screens.

I just wanted to post these screenshots somewhere 🙂 The “student” being viewed is a persona developed for testing purposes. Andy is not real!


iPad landscape

iPad portrait

iPhone landscape

iPhone portrait

What next?

Well there’s obviously more to do. This needs usability testing. It will be integrated with the real live system, and the whole service tested. I can even see a few issues with it already, which I’ll go away and fix soon 🙂

Feel free to post comments on what it looks like.

I am a teaching fellow in Electronics and Computer Science, teaching modules on the Computer Science degree, Information Technology in Organisations degree and Engineering Foundation Year. I studied my undergraduate degree and PhD at the University of Southampton, and loved it enough to stick around :-) My research is in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning, including methods of adapting teaching resources to the student and novel approaches to teaching programming.

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