SLE: Feature Requests

The driving reason behind developing the SLE is to provide students and staff with a fresh collaborative environment in which they can build a community for themselves and each other. Communities are fantastic, because they give users a sense of pride in the software they’re using – and what better way to give users this affinity than by letting them develop features of the software to share with their peers?

However, as it stands now, if a user wants to help develop a feature they first need to find the appropriate feature request form (not an easy task in itself), print it out, decipher the three pages of business jargon, fill it in and return it. We want to make things as easy as possible for our users and all this achieves at the moment is badly filled in forms, or people simply not bothering to develop features.

Mountain of paperwork
Not what you want at all

As a result, one of the features we are developing is a sensible, online feature request form. Hopefully, this should make things either on both sides: users will be able to quickly and simply explain what feature they want and what support they will need, and the development team will know exactly what needs doing, how to do it and when it needs to be completed – and best of all, everyone will have an interesting new feature to use in the community.

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