PANFeed source released

We have now got PANFeed software up to a nearly acceptable standard. In the interest of releasing early and often we have released a tarball and some simple install instructions so that if you like you can set up you own PANFeed like service for yourself or your university. If for example you don’t like relying on a service external to your campus managing your news then why not install your own PANFeed. Maybe you want to catalog a specific type of RSS feed or add some functionality to the PANFeed code base. We have made PANFeed available under the GNU GPL so you can modify it all you like.

If you like PANFeed, discover any bugs or write a cool extention then get in touch and tell us by email on

You can find the Release here:

If you would like to keep up with development as it happens:

Or if you just want to use our live service:

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