Exhibiting at ICMT2014; and the option to sponsor

Dear Exhibitor

We are inviting you to exhibit at ICMT2014, which is being held at the Highfield Campus of the University of Southampton from 29 to 31 July 2014.

ICMT2014 is the first edition of a conference that aims to bring together mathematics educators, textbook researchers and developers, and policy makers from different parts of the world, as well as anyone who is interested to know more about the latest advances in mathematics curricula and textbooks at all levels of education, to share their research results, development experiences and reform ideas, and discuss issues and directions concerning mathematics textbook research and development. In addition two events/symposia, one for ā€˜mathematics in science educationā€™ and one for mathematics education are aimed at teachers.

ICMT2014 has themes that include

  • Textbook research (concepts, issues, methods, directions, etc.)
  • All other relevant issues about mathematics textbooks
  • Textbook analysis (characteristics, treatment of contents and/or pedagogy, etc.)
  • Textbook comparison or historical studies
  • Textbook use (by teachers, by students, and/or by other parties)
  • Textbook development (presentation, task design, publishing, policy matters, etc.)
  • Integration of ICT in textbooks (including e-textbook)
  • Other disciplines in maths textbooks & maths in textbooks of other disciplines

We have almost 100 accepted papers due to be presented at the conference from contributors from all around the world. We expect a large number of educators, researchers, policy makers, textbook developers and publishers, and teachers to attend the conference.

The publishersā€™ exhibition represents an opportunity for delegates to review the wide range of publications and materials that are available to support and enrich the teaching and learning of mathematics.

You are invited to exhibit your publications and materials on 30 July, from 11:30-14:00. The exhibition will be situated in the Hartley Suite, Building 38, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton. This space is centrally located within the campus. Tea/coffee and lunch will be served in the same area as exhibitors; therefore delegates will have plenty of time to view exhibitions between sessions and during lunch/tea breaks. Please note that coffee/tea and lunch is included within the exhibitor price. The space will measure 3m x 2 m and have a 16ft table, 2 chairs, installation of electrical points and linen. To reserve a place and the costs please fill in the booking form.

We also have facilities for placing inserts and promotional items into delegate bags and for placing adverts in the Conference Handbook. The following options are available:

  • 1 x A4 sheet/leaflet inserted into delegatesā€™ wallets;
  • 2 x A4 sheet/leaflet inserted into delegatesā€™ wallets;
  • 1 x small brochure inserted into delegatesā€™ wallets;
    • Pens and/or other promotional items inserted into delegatesā€™ wallets;
    • A5 page monochrome advert in Conference Handbook;

Finally, we also welcome sponsorship. Please consider the options on the accompanying form.

Please return the reservation form to icmt2014@soton.ac.uk

Sponsorship ā€“ If you are interested in sponsoring any aspects of the event, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Lianghuo Fan or Dr. Christian Bokhove at icmt2014@soton.ac.uk or telephoneĀ (023) 8059 4784 for further details.

For full information on the event, please see the conference website:http://icmt2014.soton.ac.uk/

Please find attached theĀ booking form and the conference programme.

Professor Lianghuo Fan ā€“ ICMT2014 Chair

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