2014 International Conference on
Mathematics Textbook Research and Development (ICMT2014)


Tuesday July 29th, 2014 to Thursday July 31st, 2014


Highfield Campus, University of Southampton

Aims of the conference

The conference aims to bring together mathematics educators, textbook researchers and developers, and policy makers from different parts of the world, as well as anyone who is interested to know more about the latest advances in mathematics curricula and textbooks at all levels of education, to share their research results, development experiences and reform ideas, and discuss issues and directions concerning mathematics textbook research and development.

Plenary speakers

  • Jeremy Kilpatrick (USA)
    Jeremy Kilpatrick is Regents Professor in Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia, USA; he is also a former Vice President of ICMI and a Felix Klein Prize winner (2007).
  • Frederick Leung (Hong Kong)
    Frederick Leung is Professor in Mathematics Education and former Dean of Education Faculty, University of Hong Kong. He is also a Hans Freudenthal Prize winner (2013).
  • Michal Yerushalmy (Israel)
    Michal Yerushalmy is Professor in Mathematics Education; she is also Vice President and Dean of Research of the University of Haifa, Israel.

Plenary panel

  • Chair/Speaker: Ken Ruthven (UK)
    Kenneth Ruthven is Professor of Education and Director of Research, Faculty of Education, Cambridge University; he is also Chair of School Mathematics Project Trustees.
  • Speaker/Panelist: Jere Confrey (USA)
    Jere Confrey is Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor in the College of Education, North Carolina State University; she is also Chief Mathematics Officer, Amplify Learning, USA.
  • Speaker/Panelist: John Ling (UK)
    John Ling was a leading author and developer at School Mathematics Project (SMP); he had been mainly responsible for two series of SMP textbooks.
  • Speaker/Panelist: Binyan Xu (China)
    Binyan Xu is Professor in Mathematics Education; she is also Vice Dean of the Graduate School, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.

Paper submission and deadlines

We invite you to submit a paper or poster or propose a symposium or workshop that is broadly linked to the theme of the conference or other aspects of mathematics textbooks. This can involve, but is not limited to:

  • Textbook research (concepts, issues, methods, directions, etc.)
  • Textbook analysis (characteristics, treatment of contents and/or pedagogy, etc.)
  • Textbook comparison or historical studies
  • Textbook use (by teachers, by students, and/or by other parties)
  • Textbook development (presentation, task design, publishing, policy matters, etc.)
  • Integration of ICT in textbooks (including e-textbook)
  • Other disciplines in maths textbooks & maths in textbooks of other disciplines
  • All other relevant issues about mathematics textbooks

Conference papers are published in electronic proceedings, with opportunity to be considered for an edited book, considered by a major publisher. For more information see the Submit section.

Key dates

31 March 2014: Deadline for submission of proposal abstracts (~250 words; in English)

  • paper (3-6 pages; in English; 30 minute presentation)
  • symposium (between 2 and 4 presentations; 60 or 120 mins)
  • workshop (60 or 120 mins)
  • poster presentation (one time slot; 150 minutes)

Decision on each proposal within three weeks of submission.

31 March 2014: Deadline for ‘early bird’ registration
15 June 2014: Deadline for submission of papers (3-6 pages; in English) for proceedings
15 June 2014: Deadline for presenters to register
30 June 2014: Registration closes

For information on submissions, click here.
For information on registration and payment, click here


Early bird rate (by March 31st, 2014):
£ 220,- (without conference dinner) £ 250,- (with conference dinner)

Standard rate (by June 30th, 2014):
£ 270,- (without conference dinner) £ 300,- (with conference dinner)

Postgraduate student fixed rate:
£ 180,- (without conference dinner) £ 210,- (with conference dinner)

Day rate:
£ 80,- (Early bird, by March 31st, 2014) £ 100,- (standard rate)


See this separate page.

International Programme Committee

Geoffrey Howson (Honorary IPC Chair; former Secretary-General of ICMI, Emeritus Professor/University of Southampton, UK)

Lianghuo Fan (IPC Chair, Professor/University of Southampton, UK)

Marcelo C. Borba (Professor/São Paulo State University, Brazil)

Barbro Grevholm (Professor/University of Agder; Chair/Nordic Network of Research on Mathematics Textbooks, Norway)

Keith Jones (LOC Chair, Senior Lecturer/University of Southampton, UK)

Gabriele Kaiser (Professor and Convenor of ICME13, University of Hamburg, Germany)

Anthony Kelly (Professor and Head of Education School, University of Southampton, UK)

Jeremy Kilpatrick (Felix Klein Prize Winner 2007; Regents Professor and former Vice President of ICMI, University of Georgia, USA)

Frederick Leung (Hans Freudenthal Prize Winner 2013; Professor and former Dean of Education Faculty, University of Hong Kong)

Eizo Nagasaki (Professor/Shizuoka University, Japan)

Graham Niblo (Professor and Head of Mathematics School, University of Southampton, UK)

Birgit Pepin (Professor/Sør-Trøndelag University College, Norway)

Kenneth Ruthven (Professor and Director of Research, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK)

Zalman Usiskin (Emeritus Professor and Director of UCSMP, University of Chicago, USA)

Jianpan Wang (Professor and former President, East China Normal University, China)

* ICMI: International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
ICME: International Congress on Mathematics Education

Local Organization Committee

Keith Jones (Chair; Senior Lecturer)
Marcus Grace (Co-chair; Senior Lecturer)
Christian Bokhove (Lecturer)
Jenny Byrne (Senior Lecturer)
Ian Campton (Senior Teaching Fellow)
Andri Christodoulou (Lecturer)
Julie-Ann Edwards (Principal Teaching Fellow)
Ruth Edwards (Senior Teaching Fellow)
Lianghuo Fan (Professor and Head/MaSE)
Caro Garrett (Senior Teaching Fellow)
Ros Hyde (Principal Teaching Fellow)
Charis Voutsina (Lecturer)

Note: All LOC members are from the Mathematics and Science Education Research Centre (MaSE), Southampton Education School, University of Southampton, UK.


Murray Building, Highfield Campus

The conference takes place on Highfield Campus, University of Southampton. The main venue for the parallel sessions is the Murray Building (building 58).  Social events will primarily take place at the Garden Court.  A map of the campus can be found here: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/visitus/campuses/maps/highfield_3d_key.pdf


Information on travel is available on this separate page.


Information on accommodation is available on this separate page.
Pre-conference information for Glen Eyre university accommodation can be found here.

The city of Southampton in the county of Hampshire

The city of Southampton and its surrounding county of Hampshire offer a wealth of activities and sightseeing opportunities. More information on the city can be found here.

Bargate, by AlanFord, Wikimedia Commons

While for those of you who wish to venture out a bit further more information on the county can be found here: Visit Hampshire

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