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Appointments with lecturers during office hours

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What is it? Office hours of teaching staff are the times at which students are able to find lecturers in their rooms during term-time. Although appointments are not necessary, it is best to arrange an appointment by email if students need to see someone about a particular issue. Office hours are a great opportunity to […]

Feedback from PhD supervisors

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What is it? Postgraduate students are expected to take a high level of responsibility for their own progress. Research students are allocated a research supervisor (usually more than one) and will be expected to attend regular supervision meetings where they will receive feedback from their supervisor. Supervisors should give students regular, prompt and constructive feedback […]

Mark Sheets

Posted on December 1, 2014 by in Written feedback

What is it? When students complete an exam, an assignment or even a piece of classwork, tutors often grade this work based on a discipline specific mark scheme that is divided into categories. For example, in Modern Languages, the categories include content, structure, accuracy, style, range of expression, syntax, register and vocabulary. All categories are […]