Feedback Champions

Fostering a Supportive Feedback Culture

All categories


Additional Workshops

Annotated coursework

Annotated Exam Transcripts

Appointments with lecturers during office hours

Assessment as feedback

Computer-mediated annotations (e.g. E-Assignments, Turnitin)

Consistency of feedback across lecturers

Course representatives

Detailed and personal feedback via online platforms

Diversity of feedback on placement



Feedback after failed exams

Feedback at the end of the lecture

Feedback from PhD supervisors

Feedback from students informing the next lecture

Feedback from the research community

Feedback from undergraduate students on PhD students’ teaching performance

Feedback in laboratory sessions, skills sessions and action learning groups

Feedback in lectures

Follow up on feedback with the Hartley Library Academic Skills Hub

Formative assessment = feedback opportunities

General feedback after an assignment

Giving yourself feedback

Informal, on-going feedback available on request


Live Twitter feed in and out of lectures

Mark Sheets

Mix of staff and peer feedback

Mass email with FAQs and Comment Banks

On-going feedback in grammar classes



Peer feedback on presentations and other assessments during class

Personal Academic Tutor

Pre-assignment surgery

Pre-assignment Q&A session

Quizzes, problem sheets and online tests

Regular informal and peer feedback in seminars

Social media platforms and other online forums

The Sandwich Method

Timeliness of written feedback


Using spreadsheets to keep track of students’ feedback

Verbal and written feedback on oral presentations

Verbal feedback during practical sessions

Written feedback on draft assignments

Written feedback on formal assignments

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