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DepositMO and SWORD at Repository Fringe 2011

Seven posts in the last week is a lot to read, so today we invite you to stop reading, relax and watch – should you still be interested in the repository deposit tools produced by DepositMO, and in SWORDv2. If you have been reading this far you will know about these already, but you might be wondering if they work for real. YouTube videos of Dave Tarrant and Richard Jones demonstrating these tools at Repository Fringe 2011 in Edinburgh last August might persuade you.

Or you might wait for the results of user tests performed with these tools, but since we began this journey towards user testing we have taken such a diversion that you might wonder whether we will get there. We are still on course, so stick with us.

What follows is the @depositMO Twitter commentary on the videos at the time of release in October 2011. For shorter, edited versions of the first video presented below, scroll further down.

Dave Tarrant demos MS Kinect & SWORD v2 deposit

  • Dave T has been accused of hand waving. As you will see from the video, it’s true
  • To be clear, file manager drag-drop tool seen in the video is tech from DepositMO (Kinect hand waving tech courtesy someone else) #jiscdepo
  • It is clearer that the Word deposit tool seen in 2nd half of the video is from DepositMO-so that’s both tools from the project #jiscdepo
  • Good to see both DepositMO tools got a spontaneous round of applause during Dave’s show. So that’s a tick for flashiness #jiscdepo

Deposit with MS Word. For a heavily edited version of just the Word part of the demo, see this alt. video (4min11)

  • From Word video: “Can hold process of ‘publishing’ (to repository) open. One of the key features of SWORDv2, build object before publish”
  • From Word video: “DepositMO has been focussing on building communication between repository and user”
  • From Word video: “Telling users where their content has gone so they can access it, add to it, edit it”
  • From Word video: “Build this conversation between the Web and whatever system you are using to produce (content)”
  • Why demo using Kinect? “Need to think carefully how we are going to get all these things in the repository-make it so intuitive, so easy”

Drag-drop Kinect deposit demo (Watch Folder). For a heavily edited version of just the drag-drop part of the demo, see this alt. video (2min40)

  • From Drag-Drop video: “1st object going in EPrints, 2nd in DSpace, going into both. All underlying technology is SWORD v2”

Richard Jones on SWORD2

Since “all underlying technology” in DepMO is SWORDv2, here is Richard Jones on SWORD2 in another Repo Fringe video

  • RJ on SWORDv2: “awesome community process”
  • RJ on SWORDv2: “going to investigate data deposit aspects that SWORD might be able to support. We’ve also got money for client developments”

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