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Project plan 3: risks and handling success

Risk Probability
(P x S)
to Prevent/Manage Risk
Staffing 2 5 10 All project staff identified and available. Project Management from its existing staff. Strong project team culture already exists.
Organisational 1 3 3 Project Plan to clarify relationships and expectations between partners. Particular emphasis is being placed on advocacy and researcher
Financial 1 5 5 Project Team has extensive experience with similar projects.
Technical 2 5 10 High level of expertise proven over several projects; most of technical
infrastructure is already in place to allow further workflow development to proceed effectively.
Legal 2 1 2 Institution has access to good legal support.


The project will employ a number of quantitative and qualitative evaluation metrics to ensure that we can judge the outcomes of the project:

i. Downloads and deployment of Office add‐ins.
ii. Number of deposits in repositories at Southampton University and Edinburgh University
iii. Number of deskside coaching sessions held.
iv. Downloads/views of virtual deskside coaching kits.
v. Pre‐ and post‐ DepositMO project interviews. In‐depth qualitative analysis of project impact amongst focus discipline researchers.
vi. Embedding of training in Graduate School (post‐Roberts funding), number of participants.
vii. DepositMO workshop for all stakeholders – participants and workshop feedback.

Sustainability will be supported through building developer community around the open source software outputs to this project. Microsoft Research has committed to working with us to ensure that the Office components continue to be disseminated through their channels. Server‐side functionality will be rolled into EPrints and DSpace as standard functionality. Deskside coaching will be embedded within our library service, and training material delivered through our Graduate School as part of compulsory courses. By working with key researcher communities directly we aim to drive culture change so that widespread usage will drive forwards further development and deployment.

Expansion: It is anticipated that a successful project should see an update similar to that of SWORD with a similar community wanting to get involved. All specifications with accompanying examples for the protocol developed will be published in an easy-to-read form such that others (both producers and consumers) can adopt the emerging technologies. Many relationships with others in a similar area (such as Peter Sefton), are already in place for the consideration and implementation of appropriate technologies from the start of the project to allow interested parties an easier implementation route from day one.

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