Update on the Zebras

It’s been an exciting week for us at the BioBlitz team! Thursday we took part in a ‘Talk to Us!’ event which aims at connecting schools with the science departments at the University of Southampton. It was interesting to see what has been going on and to engage with the people who have taken part in them.

In other news, Marwell’s Zany Zebra trail has officially started in Southampton city Centre. Saturday we run the first of many events at our zebra, Zebraversity. This first event consisted of getting the public making flowers out of the various arts and crafts we provided, to be planted in our ‘garden’. We had large lollipop sticks, tissue paper, card, felt pens, glitter (that we got covered in!) and button, as well as lots of inspiration from the flowers that surrounded us in East Park. We had a great day, with a steady flow of people, many of which had come especially to do the zebra trail. Zebraversity is a big hit with the public, many people mentioning how much they like her design (lovingly done by Smock and Ballpoint). Thank you to Aisha Sati who helped out on the day.

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