Animal Sports Day

We’ve had a great time this week with Animal Sports Day at our Zebra. We had challenges to see who could run as fast as a White Tailed Eagle (20m in 1 second), jump further than  a European Hare (5m+) and hold their breath as long as a bottle nose dolphin (500 seconds +). Though no one quite managed to beat our animal record holders, we had some great competitors! It really shows how amazing animals are and how specially adapted they are.

We had a massive 507 people come and admire our zebra today.

A big well done to our winners;

Precious who managed to jump 2.70 meters, Lily from around 3pm who managed to hold her breathe for a wopping 51 seconds and on the running front we had too many people who all tied on 5 seconds to be able to decide fairly (sorry you were all too fast!)

Join us next Monday for pen pot butterflies! (Bring a loo role tube if you want, as we’ll be using these).

Conservation Cadets, our summer club for 7-11 yr olds, will be starting up next Tuesday. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved with this.

If you’ve won a prize or are interested in cadets please leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch!

A huge thank you to The Flying Aubergine Cafe for storing our gazebo and to Aeron Kemp and Aisha Sati for their help during the day.

Bioblitz love!

Meg and Olly


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