How To: Make a Quadrat

A quadrat is a tool used in ecology to divide a certain area into sections so that plants within the area can be identified and counted. This handy guide shows you How To make a frame quadrat for yourself!

You will need:DSC00683


Duct Tape or similar

4x 12″ long sticks or garden canes per quadrat




1. Cut your duct tape into strips roughly 1cmx15cm with the scissors.


2. Placing two sticks together, wrap the tape strip around the crossing point several times, alternating the direction each time.


3. Repeat step 2 with the other three corners to make a square frame.



4. Tie a piece of string first lengthways, and then crossways, dividing the square into sections. The quadrat shown on the right is divided into four equal sections, but quadrats are commonly divided into many more.


And you’re done! I’ll link some useful information about using quadrats at the bottom of the post.

Thanks for reading!

~ Joe



More advanced:



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